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Temporary Staffing


Often referred to as “temps,” these professionals are ideal for short-term (e.g., filling in for employees on leave) or project-based assignments.


Metro Recruiting understands the urgency of placing qualified candidates in temporary positions as quickly as possible. This short turnaround time does not, however, mean Metro will cut corners to “find” temporary staff.


We’ve built a reputation on our ability to efficiently and effectively handpick quality temporary personnel to support our clients’ existing employee bases. And, Metro Recruiting’s comprehensive screening process not only provides you with superior temporary staff, our people can elevate performance and stability within your organization.


Temp-to-Hire Placements


Many organizations like the “try before you buy” method of hiring – contract to hire is the perfect solution.


During this trial period, you can make sure each potential employee brings the skills to do the job successfully, has the right personality fit for your company, and possesses your same corporate values – all while reducing payroll costs during this evaluation period.


It’s really a no-risk opportunity to find the perfect match for your company. Metro Recruiting’s temp-to hire plan is flexible: at any time during the contract phase, you have the option to hire the contractor as a permanent employee. If at any time during the contract period, you’re not satisfied with his/her performance, Metro will find replacement candidates at no charge.


Direct Hire Employees


We’re there for you. Clients rely on Metro Recruiting as a solid HR partner, your organization’s staffing arm, so to speak. While we’re busy with the time-intensive process of identifying qualified candidates, performing reference checks and doing in-depth interviews, you can focus on daily business.


For your permanent staffing needs, Metro’s recruiters learn about your company’s culture, structure and goals to determine what types of employees thrive at your organization. Knowing your core values and needs is what enables Metro Recruiting to find the best possible direct hires every time.


You’ll find Metro’s dedication and quality recruitment services are consistent and, hopefully, always go beyond your expectations.




“I cannot say enough about the quality of people who work at Metro Recruiting, as well as the quality of candidates they continue to send us for positions that range from entry level to ‘hard to find’ technical experience. It's a rare find to be able to call an agency and know that within a short period of time, they will have strong candidates who are such a solid match to our business needs. They took the time to understand how we operate and the culture of our company.”


- Jeff Ostrow, Senior Training Manager
World-renowned Research Hospital and Health System


About us


Metro Recruiting, Inc. is a service-oriented staffing / recruiting firm serving small businesses, large corporations, nonprofits and government agencies in MD, DC, and northern VA. At Metro, we pride ourselves on personal service, local market knowledge, and commitment to quickly and conveniently providing clients with the best temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct placement candidates for training, IT, administrative and professional services positions.